A new publication from members of the Broadstreet team and colleagues

Congratulations to Broadstreet team members Evan Popoff, Karissa Johnston and Lauren Powell. They, along with colleagues at Biohaven, Gilbert L’Italien, Linda Harris, Robert Croop, Alexandra Thiry, and Vladimir Coric,  and headache specialist Dr. James Moren have a new publication in Headache: “Matching-adjusted indirect comparisons of oral rimegepant versus placebo, erenumab, and galcanezumab examining monthly migraine days and health-related quality of life in the treatment of migraine”.

Rimegepant is a novel therapy that has been approved for as-needed acute treatment of migraine events, and more recently, as a treatment that can be taken regularly to prevent migraines. Other treatments introduced for migraine prevention in recent years include monoclonal antibodies (or mAbs). While the observed prevention benefit of migraine for rimegepant is similar to what has been observed for mAbs, the treatments have never been compared head-to-head.

Matching-adjusted indirect comparisons (MAICs) allow for unbiased estimates of the relative effects of rimegepant to mAbs, by accounting for differences in the trial patient populations. These adjustments are particularly important given that the initial evidence for rimegepant as a preventative treatment was in a long-term safety study without a placebo control (although the results were subsequently confirmed in a placebo-controlled prevention study, published in the Lancet). The MAICs published in Headache provide a rigorous synthesis of the evidence to establish similar clinical benefit of rimegepant, relative to mAbs, in the prevention of migraine.