Looking back on 2022 at Broadstreet

With the dull grey days of January upon us, it’s a time for both reflecting on the successes of the last year and planning how to build on those in the year to come. After two difficult years during the pandemic, we are happy that life at Broadstreet was largely able to return to normal in 2022. As well as all the projects carried out (and there were a lot!), the team enjoyed working collaboratively in the office again, meeting with colleagues in person at conferences and of course a number of work events including a summer boat trip and the annual holiday party in December.

We had several new team members join us this year, which is always a welcome opportunity to broaden our experience base and incorporate new skills. This is a great team, and we are very grateful for the effort they put into all that they do. Over the course of the last year, together we have worked on over 200 projects in 40 different disease areas including 25 different rare diseases. The types of studies we have carried out this year include:

  • Early-stage product HEOR consultation
  • Developing and implementing evidence generation plans
  • Observational studies of treatment effect, burden, and natural history
  • Economic models of preventive medicine and pharmacotherapy
  • Systematic review and evidence syntheses
  • Patient-centered studies, including using qualitative methods to understand patient experience
  • Developing gorgeous evidence-based data visualizations

We published over fifty manuscript and abstracts this year, on topics ranging from epidemiological modeling to estimate prevalence of diffuse large b-cell lymphoma to the burden resulting from heart failure hospitalizations in the United States. Our work has appeared in journals including Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, The Journal of Headache and Pain, and Lung Cancer. Abstracts were presented, virtually and in person, at several conferences including ISPOR US and ISPOR Europe, and the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting and AMCP Nexus. We were pleased to have the opportunity at ISPOR EU to present some of our own in-house research on the incidence and transmission of COIVD-19 in outdoor school settings. In fact, we have quite a few in house research projects on the go and we look forward to sharing our findings with you in 2023. We really feel Broadstreet has gone from strength to strength in 2022 and of course our clients are central to that growth. We would like to thank everyone we have worked with this past year for the opportunity to contribute to the important work they are doing. We look forward to continuing that collaboration in 2023!