New migraine publication from members of the Broadstreet team

Our collaborative work with the Biohaven team on migraine continues to reveal new insights about the condition and we are pleased to have had some of our most recent research published in Advances in Therapy.

This study provides new information about the effects of different rimegepant dosing regimens on the number of monthly migraine days a patient experiences, as well as on their quality of life. In this study, quality of life is documented by the Migraine-Specific Quality of Life (MSQv2) measure and the more general EuroQol-5 Dimensions-3 Level (EQ-5D-3L) measure, data which should prove useful for economic evaluations and decision-making.

The study findings indicate rimegepant (75 mg) was associated with improvement in quality of life over time both in the MSQv2 and EQ-5D. This improvement was particularly pronounced in those initially experiencing a higher number of monthly migraine days and in those taking rimegepant on a fixed every other day plus as-needed dosing schedule, although patients who were only taking rimegepant as-needed to treat acute events as they occur also experienced a reduction in monthly migraine days and consequent improvement to quality of life.